Current state of my uC devboards [UPDATED 2011-08-26]

My current uC dev board collection:

  • ET-STM32 Arm Stamp
  • Arduino Mega
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • RBBB
  • Arduino Duemilanove
  • …and a bunch of LCD displays, FTDI breakouts, LED matrices.
My 2 week vacation starts soon, hopefully I will be able to put them to good use. I have also a TI Chronos Watch and a few MSP430 Launchpads coming my way.
[UPDATE 2011-08-26]
Launchpads have arrived!

My “network/server rack”

Notes: 13

My professional network/server technical skills are available in the data center near you… :P

IT version of comming up in March

Jeff  Atwood just announced a IT centric version of (the already famous QA site for programmers) coming in March. Thats good news! As my current job is fifty-fifty programming/IT related I can’t wait for the launch of this new site, and I’m positive that I am not alone here. IT related topics has much broader audience so it may by even more succesfull than the original site.  The project doesn’t got a name yet, so go and suggest your proposals in comments of  Jeff”s post about it. I can’t wait to have my second chance on the yet to be announced logo contest. Being one spot higher than last time is not much to ask isn’t it?

Good luck for Jeff, Joel and their team with their new project!